A LeBron James Screed

June 2, 2011

LeBron James takes a break for a photo during a game this season at Philadelphia.

For the start of the NBA Finals, Instead of Texting has been lucky enough to host a couple of guest entries. Here’s the latest, from lifelong Cleveland sports fan Jeff Strowe.

So it has come to this. Of course it has.

As a Cleveland fan, you just knew that the nemesis would rise and make its presence known. Despite the trials and tribulations along the way, the posturing, the attempts at pushing their head coach aside, and the regular season setbacks, it is the truth that the Miami Heat, that stacked AAU-like band of brothers are in the NBA Finals. Having fairly simply dispatched of the Celtics and the Bulls, King James, D-Wade, and little cousin Bosh are on the big stage soaking up the fawning accolades that are coming hot and heavy from national pundits, primarily those in Bristol who at least can say that they were on the bandwagon from the beginning.

So, as the Finals tipped off last night and Dirk & Co. threw their arsenal at the “Heatles,” I took notice with deep disappointment that it could have and possibly should have been my Cavs in the Finals the past two seasons, with LeBron delivering on that long-sought-after championship he had promised Clevelanders back in ’06 after first tasting some playoff success. The fan part of me remains bitter, hoping that the Mavs rally behind their star and move quickly and fiercely towards a dismantling of the Heat, cementing Dirk’s and Kidd’s legacies and avenging their botched series in ’06. The other, more realistic part of me, though, watches with an air of inevitableness, waiting for James to hawk his way across the court and hit some key shots down the stretch, stifling Dallas’ momentum, delivering on a championship, hugging D-Wade and Darth Riley, and then smugly accepting his MVP trophy, reminding us again that he needed to go somewhere to play with players he could trust and “that wouldn’t hide when the lights got brightest.”

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The Unfinished Odyssey of Juwan Howard

March 23, 2011

This aborted "Kid and Play" could hardly have ended worse.

Suppose that Ringo Starr had signed on with U2 in 1984.

Or that Al Pacino, 20-plus years after headlining “The Godfather,” crawled through 500 yards of shit-smelling foulness in “The Shawshank Redemption.”

It’s almost unprecedented for one person to, at either end of a 20-year gap, find himself at the center of an era-defining phenomenon. And no, “Scent of a Woman” doesn’t count for Pacino.
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Melo Gold: A Pro and Pro Discussion

February 24, 2011

Jimmy: Well, Jeremy, it’s finally over. The most notable Melodrama not to appear on Lifetime is at an end. I, for one, thought we’d never stop hearing about Carmelo Anthony’s future. Lately, I’ve wanted to close my eyes, plug my ears and chant “LALALALALALALALA” to avoid the end-to-end coverage.

But even that was no escape:

La: A note to follow sew. LaLa: A spouse to lead Carmelo to NYC.

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