Live Blogging: Miami at Virginia Tech

September 26, 2009

We’re back with our third live game blog of the season. Like the first two, this one involves Miami. Unlike the first two, this one is on a Saturday, and Jimmy isn’t on the other end of the Interweb to share his thoughts.

My partner in crime is in Greenville today watching a vastly inferior game (Central Florida at East Carolina) with vastly superior company (his girlfriend, Megan, who’s doing her part to promote football harmony between the sexes).

Jimmy will be checking in every once in a while via text message. And no, the irony of using texting as a mode of communication for a Web site called Instead of Texting has not been lost on me.

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Live Blogging: Georgia Tech at Miami

September 17, 2009

Through the majesty magic of the Internet, Jeremy and I are recreating our college roommate experience tonight. We’re watching the Georgia Tech-Miami game. Only we’re hundreds of miles apart.

I can almost smell Corriher’s dirty dishes, Jeremy. What about you?
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Live Blogging: Miami at Florida State

September 7, 2009

Jimmy and I are going to be live blogging tonight’s Miami-Florida State game. Keep checking this post for our thoughts on the game.

Here’s hoping for a more interesting game than some of the past Labor Day meetings in this series.

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