Red Sox learn the first rule for naming a ballpark in the Internet age

The start of Spring Training is one of my favorite times on the sports calendar because a) it means baseball season is right around the corner and b) it helps distract me from things like this.

If you’ve never experienced the Grapefruit or Cactus leagues, I highly recommend it. At some point, I want to go over to Fort Myers on the Gulf Coast to see the Red Sox’ new spring home, a replica of Fenway Park known as JetBlue Park.

You can read all about it at

Go ahead and check it out.

What’s that you say? That link goes to the Yankees’ website?!

How did that happen, Fort Myers News-Press?

Last March 29, when Lee County and the Red Sox announced JetBlue Airways Corp. would purchase the naming rights for the new complex, [Fort Myers resident Eric] Engelman saw the story while watching the evening news.

The next day, Engelman said he opened his wife’s account and saw that, the domain name, was for sale.

Engelman bought it. He said he paid $8.

A couple of months after he bought it, Eric Engelman said he could not remember exactly when, he thought it would be funny to link his website to the Yankees home page.

Engelman, who grew up in Ohio and roots for the Cubs, said he has no feelings of animosity for the Red Sox or love for the Yankees. He just thought doing what he did would be funny.

Well played, sir. Well played.

When told about the prank, Red Sox executive VP and COO Sam Kennedy seemed to take it pretty well (at least publicly anyway). He even told The News-Press reporter to have Engelman call him to “make a deal.” I’m guessing that’s not going to be a bad return on an $8 investment for Engelman.

One Response to Red Sox learn the first rule for naming a ballpark in the Internet age

  1. Brian Schuch says:

    You know, Jeremy, (I’m assuming you wrote this) my family lives in Fort Myers. 🙂 Next spring if I’m around, you should come on down. You’d get two teams for one (Twins are there, too).

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