An IoT conversation: A Maddon-ing Exchange

What do you see in this picture of Joe Maddon? For one IoTer, it's a two-time AL Manager of the Year. For the other, it's a .500 manager with a losing playoff record.

Jeremy, a Rays fan, was excited to hear Tuesday that reigning AL Manager of the Year Joe Maddon is going to be in Tampa for another three years. Jimmy did not share his enthusiasm, possibly because he’s a Red Sox fan. What follows are the friendly text messages that we exchanged on the subject:

Jeremy: Bad news for you: The Rays are about to sign Maddon to a 3-year extension.


Jimmy: Good move. When you’ve got a chance to lock up a guy with an 11-14 career playoff record, you have to do it.


Jeremy: If you want to talk playoff record, doesn’t that make the Rays’ win in the ’08 ALCS look worse for the Red Sox?


Jimmy: It does. But 2 World Series titles look much better. Let me know when the Rays win something.


Jeremy: Remember the 2011 Wild Card? Or how about the 2010 AL East?


Jimmy: Do they get rings for those now? Banners, maybe? How quaint!


Jeremy: To quote “Moneyball,” the playoffs are a crapshoot. The Rays have been a better team than Boston over the long haul of a 162-game season in three of the last four years.


Jimmy: Red Sox (’08-’11): 369-279. Rays (same time): 368-280. The Red Sox have been better over the entire period. Since the playoffs are a crapshoot and all.


Jeremy: And yet in three of those four years, the Red Sox were looking up at the Rays in the standings.


Jimmy: Isn’t it a little too convenient to start this sample at the precise moment the Rays became good? The second after boston won its most recent World Series?

Why are Maddon’s first 2 seasons (127-197) not relevant?


Jeremy: Maddon’s first two seasons aren’t relevant to his contract extension because he (and the current ownership) inherited a mess of a franchise. It took time to implement their system.


Jimmy: Pythagorean wins since 2008, if you want a better measure of actual quality: Boston 376, Tampa 368.

Luck is the biggest difference between the Sox and Rays since 2008.


Jeremy: You call it luck; I call it good managing.


Jimmy: Just saying: it’s awfully convenient to omit 2007.



Jeremy: You can join the Red Sox there. They crossed over a long time ago.


Jimmy: Why? Because they spend money?


Jeremy: Because they’ve become entitled. They’re like the Yankees now. They view winning a World Series as their birthright.

And yes, because they spend an ungodly amount of money.


Jimmy: Which Red Sox feel this entitlement?


Jeremy: Ownership. The fans. The starting pitchers who were dining on fried chicken and beer during games.


Jimmy: Oh please. Who cares what players who aren’t playing do in the dugout?


Jeremy: I know it’s difficult for you to accept that your team has become the thing you hate. Give in to the power of the Dark Side.


Jimmy: Again, let me know when the Rays actually win something. Until then, they’re the poor man’s A’s.

One Response to An IoT conversation: A Maddon-ing Exchange

  1. Grant says:

    Jimmy wins logic; but Jeremy wins the heart-tug argument. Which is what sports is all about.

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