Finally, the blog has come back

For as long as we’ve known each other, Jimmy and I have enjoyed debating sports with each other. In September 2009, we decided to channel those spirited discussions into a blog about the nation’s premier college athletics conference, the ACC. We figured it would be great if we could pick up a few readers along the way, but mainly, we just wanted to have some fun blogging about what we already texted, e-mailed and talked about.

A lot has changed in the year and a half since we launched Instead of Texting. For example:

  • The name for our blog was inspired by Jimmy’s girlfriend, who suggested that we post our sports conversations online “instead of texting.” Today, Jimmy is happily married to this literary genius.
  • When we began, I was a committed Cincinnati Bengals fan (in more ways than one). Then they signed this guy and this guy, and I decided I’d had enough.
  • In September 2009, we were bracing ourselves for Sidney Lowe to lead N.C. State through another mediocre basketball season in a red blazer. Today, he’s leading N.C. State through another mediocre basketball season while wearing a bowtie.

We churned out a lot of posts in our first three months of IoT. Then we got a little tired. We started focusing on other things. Jimmy had a wedding to plan (not to mention a little trip to Atlantic City).

Even though we stopped updating this blog, we were still discussing whatever big sports stories popped up. One of us would come up with a profound thought, and the other would say, “That would make a great blog post.” After a while, we realized that we missed doing this.

So we’ve decided to give IoT another shot. This time around, we’re not limiting it to the ACC. We’re going to write about anything sports-related that interests us, whether that’s college football, college basketball, baseball, the NFL or, dare I say it, the NBA. (Jimmy: Dare! Dare! The NBA’s the greatest sports league in America!) But at its core, this blog is going to be what it was always supposed to be about — two friends talking sports without running up massive wireless bills.

We hope you’ll follow our comeback. We’re almost as excited about our own return as we are about this one:

Like The Rock, we hope to electrify you, our dozens — and dozens! — of readers, in the coming weeks and months. If you smell what The Ryals and The Ashton are cookin’!

2 Responses to Finally, the blog has come back

  1. Brian says:

    Yes! So, I’m just checking out the site for the first time in forever, but my offer to whip up a design for you stands 🙂

    Welcome back guys. I’ll be reading

    • Jeremy Ashton says:

      Glad you approve, Brian. I’d be worried if our most dedicated (only?) fan didn’t like the material.

      Hope all is well in Japan.

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