J.J. Redick, rapper

J.J. learned how to build mics in his workshop class. They gave him the 2005 ACC Player of the Year Award and made it his last. (Thearen Henderson/Getty Images)

I had pretty much given up on hating J.J. Redick. After four years of on-court d-baggery as the ACC’s best-ever three-point shooter and Duke’s last big star, he’s become a totally irrelevant NBA player. Here are a few guards who played more minutes than Redick for the Orlando Magic since they drafted Redick in 2006: Keith Bogans, Carlos Arroyo, Keyon Dooling, Maurice Evans, Courtney Lee, Mickael Pietrus and Anthony Johnson. Redick’s lack of athleticism or ball-handling ability have rendered him virtually useless in the NBA. There’s no point in disliking him anymore.

Rather, there was no point in disliking him anymore. That all changed today, when news broke that Redick is working on a hip-hop album. Priceless.

Early predictions: J.J.’s effort will be less popular than Shaq’s, better than Kobe’s and gay-friendlier than Iverson’s. (Sidenote: Every time I try to be more sympathetic to AI, I remember epic gay-bash in that song and give up. Yikes.)

Hat tip Deadspin.

2 Responses to J.J. Redick, rapper

  1. James C. says:

    He is extremely punchable.

  2. sutton says:

    Time to start disliking Redick again. It seems that he has found his way into steady rotation minutes with the Magic under the coaching of SVG.

    As to the rapping it was more of a joke by JJ and you and a lot of other bit. How does it feel to getting punked by none other then Jonathan Clay Redick lol.

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