IoT’s first month

Between its Sept. 1 launch and Oct. 1, Instead of Texting got a respectable 1,400 visits, or an average of 36.67 per day.

But all isn’t as it seems. The IoT Two got more than 600 hits — nearly half their total — on a single day. Add in a 112-page-view day in mid-September, and you get a pair of boom-or-bust bloggers.

Just kidding. We did just finish our first month, and we did get slightly more than 1,400 page views in that first month. Special thanks go to James Curle at Yet Another N.C. State Sports Blog and Joe Ovies at The ACC Sports Journal, who’ve graciously linked to a couple of our entries.

If you’re new to the site, here are some of the early pieces you may not have seen:

Va. Tech, BC the biggest winners in the expanded ACC (9/2)

What lies ahead for Russell Wilson? (9/3)

Can the ACC get two teams into the BCS? (9/3)

The luckiest guys in the ACC (9/10)

Getting expansion right (9/14)

Repent, Rashad McCants! (9/15)

Mars and Venus, watching sports (9/18)

Tyler Hansbrough, pitchman (9/21)

Ranking Miami (9/26)

Live blogs

Miami-Florida State (9/7)

Georgia Tech-Miami (9/17)

Miami-Virginia Tech (9/26)

2 Responses to IoT’s first month

  1. Brian Schuch says:

    I take it that it’s a no to the email I sent 🙂

  2. Jimmy Ryals says:

    Brian —

    Not a no, we just haven’t had a chance to respond yet. We both like your suggestions. May just be a couple of days.

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