Live Blogging: Georgia Tech at Miami

Through the majesty magic of the Internet, Jeremy and I are recreating our college roommate experience tonight. We’re watching the Georgia Tech-Miami game. Only we’re hundreds of miles apart.

I can almost smell Corriher’s dirty dishes, Jeremy. What about you?

Jimmy: My affection for Jacory Harris is unchallenged, but I’m a little worried about him tonight. In the pregame “walking off the bus” shot, he was wearing some sunglasses my Mom got with a pack of Basic cigarettes in 1991.

Jeremy: Does this mean that we’re going to have “family time” until 3 a.m.?

And for the record, I’m not touching that comment about your mom, who, by the way, is a lovely and talented woman.

Jeremy: Chris Fowler just noted that Miami has won all 9 of its Thursday night games. Of course, that means they’ll lose tonight.

Jimmy: For once, showing my mom the respect she deserves. Thank you.

Quick note: No fantasy drafts tonight. I’m distraction-free for this game. But those who followed our last live blog may be interested in knowing the team I drafted that night is rolling. Behind Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning and Julius Jones, Owen’s Meanys missed breaking the league single-game scoring record by 7 points.

Jeremy: I’m still trying to figure out how the other teams in your league let Peyton Manning slip to the last pick of the second round.

Jeremy: It’s a good thing that Josh Nesbitt can run because he’s not going to beat anyone with his arm.

On a side note, nice bow tie in Derrick Morgan’s profile picture.

Jeremy: Scott Blair picks up right where he left off last week with a field goal. 3-0 GT midway through the first.

The Jackets had 12 running plays for 60 yards before that drive stalled out. Interestingly, Jonathan Dwyer had just 6 yards on four carries.

Jimmy: Hey, Miami has tricks, too! They’re shitty tricks, but tricks nonetheless: A four-mine line with hogs split wide on the first play. Dropped pass that wouldn’t have gotten anything anyway.

Jimmy: Jacory Harris may be my biggest ACC mancrush since T.A. McLendon. That one came to tears — don’t you break my heart, Jacory.

Two nice long balls, the second putting Miami up 7-3.

Jeremy: Wow, could you have two more completely different scoring drives?

Jimmy: I don’t think so. Miami can’t win with those awful kickoffs. GT can drop 60-yard drives all night long.

Jeremy: That kicker’s sole job is to kickoff for Miami. I don’t see him keeping that job long.

Jimmy: Craig James just said he told us about humping the quarterback at the snap. I have nothing to say about that.

Jimmy: This game is shaping up to be a nice referendum on the decades-old argument between run-to-win football people and pass-to-win football people. I’m more of a pass-to-win guy.

Jeremy: It’s definitely fun watching Harris take some shots down the field, although he was lucky that last long one until double coverage wasn’t picked.

Jeremy: 14-3 Miami after another TD pass by Jacory Harris. I didn’t buy your Harris-for-Player-of-the-Year case after one great performance against Florida State, but I’m starting to think I should get some of that stock now.

Jimmy: I’m going to channel my inner J.P. Giglio and note that Randy Shannon wasn’t sure Jacory Harris was the starter last year.

Cranky consumer note: I ordered a pizza from Papa John’s an hour ago and haven’t seen it yet. After putting me on hold for 3 minutes and asking me to repeat my phone number three times, a PJ employee told me the pizza left the shop 20 minutes ago…and should arrive in 10 minutes.

Jimmy: Really nice footwork by Ronnie Jones along sideline, but it was all for naught. Block in the back brings it back and sets up 2nd and 13.

Jeremy: There’s no excuse for committing a pass interference penalty when Nesbitt is throwing. Tech’s drive still alive at the Miami 19.

Jimmy: If Calvin Johnson had played in this offense, would it have depressed his statistics more than having Reggie Ball as his quarterback?

Scott Blair misses a 39-yarder from the dirt. Why is it harder to kick off dirt? I understand the risk of slipping, but he seemed to get a pretty firm plant there.

GT is not built for comebacks. This could get ugly.

Jeremy: I’m starting to regret that one pick we differed on this week.

Jimmy: Heh heh. We need to come up with some stakes for our picks competition. Maybe steaks in New York City the first weekend in December?

Sign that I’m getting old: I got kind of excited when they played “Ants Marching” on the way to the break.

Jimmy: Pizza update — it just arrived, nearly an hour and a half after I ordered. Arthur the Flatulent Boston Terrier is very excited. I’m a little sad for him because I know who’s eating this pizza. And it’s not Arthur.

Jeremy: No matter where Miami kicks off, the result has been the same every time — Tech ball on the 40.

Why does Jonathan Dwyer still only have four five carries?

Jeremy: By the way, steaks sound like good stakes for me. I like mine medium well.

Can someone please hire Lou Holtz as a coach so I don’t have to listen to “Dr. Lou” or “Coach Holtz’s Pep Talks” at halftime of every Thursday night game?

Jimmy: I think there’s a better chance someone hires him for Congress.

Wait … really?

Jimmy: Steven Sylvester, you got knocked the (Jordan) Futch out.

Jeremy: I wonder if it’s too late to start a Jacory Harris-for-Heisman campaign. If he keeps playing like this against Top 25 teams, he’s going to be in the discussion soon.

Jimmy: If he can keep this up for the next two games (at Virginia Tech, vs. Oklahoma), he may be leading the discussion. And Miami will be in the national title hunt.

Jeremy: What does ESPN keep bribing these people with to get them to talk to Dr. Lou?

And shouldn’t Michael Crabtree be talking to the 49ers instead of Dr. Lou?

Jeremy: Stat of the first half: 9 pass attempts for Nesbitt, 5 carries for Dwyer.

Jimmy: Some classic dumb announcers stuff from Jesse Palmer. Palmer just noted that “Miami usually wins” when its top 2 backs combine for 25 or more carries. That’s probably because they combine for 25 carries in games where they’re running out the clock, not because their 25 carries power the victory.

Jeremy: Flipping back and forth between the game and “Community.” It’s a new show about a community college, which is what Jacory Harris appears to be throwing against right now.

Jimmy: A follow-up on the Jesse Palmer post: Since 2007, Miami’s 7-2 when Cooper and James combine for 25 or more carries. So, I guess the Bachelor’s facts were right. But I still question his implication.

I’m going to note this, only because I’m being snotty: there have been three other games where Cooper and James had 23 or 24 carries. Miami lost those games by 6, 10 and 48 points. So there.

Jimmy: Harris hits Jimmy Graham for the touchdown. 31-10, Miami, 4:20 to go in the third. Ballgame.

Jeremy: I guess the shoulder injury explains Dwyer’s lack of carries in the first half.

Speaking of injuries, I’m amazed Roddy Jones is still walking after that play.

Jeremy: Thanks to Chris Fowler for pointing out that “Landshark is a beer.”

On another non-football note, “Community” is well worth checking out.

Jimmy: I think the rules issue on the kick out of the end zone isn’t so much that the punter so obviously took a safety. It’s that you can’t kick a ball while it’s in play. Unless you’re the 1997 Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Jeremy: You know things are bad for Georgia Tech when the punter can’t even take a safety without drawing a penalty.

Jeremy: 33-10 Miami, and the ‘Canes are threatening to score again. Clearly, they saw this week’s IoT Power Rankings and felt the need to justify their spot.

Jimmy: Seeing a James wearing a number-5 jersey for Miami gives me flashbacks to the 1998 Micron PC Bowl. Yikes.

Jeremy: If this was the 1980s, Miami would have just gone for it on fourth down. Instead, Matt Bosher went out and pushed a field goal wide right.

Jimmy: Desmond Howard, describing Miami’s receivers as if they were small children: “They’re all different with their little special talents.”

Jeremy: Nice TD pass by Nesbitt to Demaryius Thomas to make it 33-16, pre-extra point. Is Thomas the only WR on Tech’s roster, or does it just seem that way?

Paul Johnson to OL Phil Smith on the 2-point conversion that wasn’t: “What are you? Stupid?”

Jimmy: Incidentally, Johnson’s brother was manager of a small town I covered as a newspaper reporter in eastern North Carolina a few years ago. That sort of salty talk runs in the family, I can tell you.

Jeremy: Here come the “overrated” chants from the Miami fans. Wonder if they watched their own team the last three years.

Jeremy: Bosher missed his second FG from inside 40 yards. He’d never missed from that close before. I’ll bet Randy Shannon wishes he’d gone for it on that last fourth down.

Jimmy: I’ve never understood the “Overrated” chant. If you’re beating a good team, wouldn’t you want that team to be accurately rated? Wouldn’t that make your team better? If GT’s really the 14th-best team in the country, that makes Miami at least the 13th-best team. If Tech’s really 20th or 22nd, doesn’t that diminish Miami’s accomplishment tonight?

Jimmy: I think Miami’s solidly the best team in the conference right now. Aside from field goal kicking, they did everything well tonight, and Jacory Harris is a legit ACC player-of-the-year candidate. We’ll know a lot more after the VT game next week.

Jeremy: Final score: 33-17 Miami. If the ‘Canes keep this up in Blacksburg next weekend, the Coastal Division race is going to be over before it even gets started.

Georgia Tech has to be happy to have a long week. They looked tired mentally and physically after their third game in 12 days.

7 Responses to Live Blogging: Georgia Tech at Miami

  1. Kim says:

    YEAH!!!! Jeremy and Jimmy… we are watching in Athens!

  2. Jimmy Ryals says:

    The circle is unbroken! How’s life in Solich-ville?

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