Instead of Texting Pick ‘Em: Week 3

It’s a reasonably big week in the Atlantic Coast Conference, as we have the first interconference matchup of ranked teams. Georgia Tech travels to Coral Gables tonight to face Miami in a matchup of Coastal Division medium-heavies. The winner takes over the division lead, at least until Virginia Tech starts playing conference games.

Elsewhere in the ACC is a marquee basketball matchup between Duke and Kansas. Unfortunately, the Blue Devils and Jayhawks will be playing football. Virginia Tech welcomes Nebraska in another matchup of ranked teams. And East Carolina, the early leader in the North Carolina state championship race, plays at UNC

In the two-team Instead of Texting picks league, I’ve taken a commanding one-game lead on cellar-dweller Jeremy Ashton. We’ll see if I can put him away this week.

Jimmy’s Picks
Jeremy’s Picks
Georgia Tech at Miami Miami Georgia Tech
Duke at Kansas Kansas Kansas
East Carolina
at North Carolina
East Carolina East Carolina
Boston College at Clemson Clemson Clemson
Nebraska at Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
Middle Tennessee
at Maryland
Maryland Maryland
at Southern Mississippi
Southern Miss Southern Miss
at N.C. State
N.C. State N.C. State
Elon at Wake Forest Wake Wake
Florida State
at Brigham Young

4 Responses to Instead of Texting Pick ‘Em: Week 3

  1. James C. says:

    So, pretty much after tonight (Thursday), the rest of the weekend in a wash, picks-wise?

    No one wants to go out on a limb and pick BC over Clemson or Middle Tennessee State upsetting Maryland at home?

    These aren’t the Pigskin Pickers I once knew!

    • Jimmy Ryals says:

      A C—- comment! (I’m protecting your anonymity.)

      I wouldn’t be shocked by either of those outcomes, but I’m not going to predict them, either. Maryland is terribleawfulbad, but they should be able to beat MTSU.

      These aren’t the Pigskin Pickers you once knew. Of course, those gentlemen were routinely beaten by one Jesse Alexander Helms Jr. So maybe that’s a good thing.

  2. James C. says:

    To be fair, Jesse unleashed an army of staffers onto our picks list each week, utilizing no doubt hundreds of man hours paid for by our tax dollars to best the big bad lefties in the Governor’s mansion. We never stood a chance. Nor should we…could you imagine what poor form it would’ve been to win the Pigskin Picks Golden Bass, then invite Helms and Easley to the ceremony just to rub it in their faces?

    Actually, that sounds pretty awesome, come to think of it…

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