IoT’s ACC Power Rankings: Week 1

How do you figure out where everyone stands in a conference in which the teams are split between two divisions and they don’t all play each other? You call your friend and debate with him until you come up with a list you can both agree on.

Jimmy and I will put together a weekly snapshot of how every team ranks in the ACC based on what we see on the field. Call it the Instead of Texting Power Rankings.

The first week of the season gave some good insight into a few teams, but we’re still making a best guess on others that played the typical early season pushovers.

Quick note: I’m writing up the comments as Georgia Tech and Clemson are tied 24-24 in the second half, but that won’t factor into these rankings, which Jimmy and I agreed on last night.

Rank (LW) Team Comments
1 (-) Miami_FL Miami (1-0, 1-0)
The Hurricanes earned this spot with what was easily the most impressive win of the opening weekend. How long they stay here depends on how well they handle their next three games — all against ranked opponents.
2 (-) Virginia_Tech Virginia Tech (0-1)
Does losing by 10 at a neutral site to a Top 10 team trump predictably winning at home against a cupcake? In the Hokies’ case, we think it does.
3 (-) Georgia_Tech Georgia Tech (1-0)
The Yellow Jackets didn’t do anything to hurt their standing in the conference (or nationally) by cruising against a hapless I-AA team. We should get a better picture of how good they really are against Clemson.
4 (-) North_Carolina North Carolina (1-0)
See above, but replace Clemson with Connecticut.
5 (-) Florida_St Florida State (0-1, 0-1)
The Seminoles were one play away from beating the Hurricanes and trading spots with them in the rankings. They should take out their frustrations on the same Jacksonville State team that Georgia Tech blew out last week.
6 (-) Clemson Clemson (1-0)
The Tigers scored the only nonconference win of the week over a I-A team. At least I think Middle Tennessee plays in I-A.
7 (-) Boston_College Boston College (1-0)
The blowout win over Northeastern was expected, but it still had to feel good for BC after a turbulent offseason.
8 (-) North_Carolina_St N.C. State (0-1)
This brings us to a stretch of the rankings where we had to figure out which one of three teams had the least bad loss. The Wolfpack at least showed up on one side of the ball in a 7-3 loss to South Carolina, so we’ll give them the edge.
9 (-)


Wake Forest (0-1)
Like Wake three years ago, Baylor is a long-suffering program that finally has some hope, personified by QB Robert Griffin. The Demon Deacons still should have handled the Bears at home.
10 (-) Maryland Maryland (0-1)
The Terrapins’ 52-13 drubbing by No. 12 Cal was their most lopsided opening season loss since the first game in school history in 1892.
11 (-) Duke Duke (0-1)
Losing at home to a I-AA team (even if they are the defending national champions) would normally get you the last spot in the rankings, but …
12 (-) Virginia Virginia (0-1)
Losing at home to a I-AA team that went 7-4 last season is just a bit worse.

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