Live Blogging: Miami at Florida State

Jimmy and I are going to be live blogging tonight’s Miami-Florida State game. Keep checking this post for our thoughts on the game.

Here’s hoping for a more interesting game than some of the past Labor Day meetings in this series.

Jimmy: I’m juggling the Miami-FSU live blog and a fantasy draft for which I’m ill-prepared.

I’m hoping for a better game, too. But I’m also betting the final score in this game will match today’s date: 9-7. Seminoles.

Jimmy: Hmm. That prediction’s not looking so good now.

Jimmy: The QBs look good so far.

FSU’s offensive line hasn’t been super-impressive, for a group with so much experience. Ponder’s been getting flushed a lot.

Jeremy: Each offense has had an impressive drive to the start game. Looks like we might get to 9-7 by the end of the first quarter.

Jeremy: The ESPN announcers just mentioned Florida State linebackers coach Chuck Amato. As an N.C. State fan, it’s still a little weird hearing that.

Jeremy: FSU linebacker Dekoda Watson just showed why he’s one of the favorites for ACC Defensive Player of the Year. Watson made two great plays in a row on Miami’s first series of the second quarter to first put pressure on Jacory Harris and then sack him.

Jimmy: Apropos of (virtually) nothing: I expect the conference player of the year this year to come from the following pool — Jacory Harris, T.J. Yates and C.J. Spiller.

Jeremy: Florida State might have finally found an answer at quarterback. Christian Ponder is 13-17 for 146 yards late in the first half.

Jimmy: Spoiler Alert! The answer to the trivia question is Terrell Buckley!

Jeremy: Touchdown Miami with 42 seconds left in the half. Jacory Harris did a great job running the 2-minute drill without any timeouts.

Jimmy: Interested parties: Here’s how the afore mentioned fantasy draft turned out, in order of selection — A. Peterson, P. Manning, R. Wayne, R. Williams (WR), S. Holmes, Julius Jones, Kellen Winslow, Hasselbeck, Chicago D, Chester Taylor, M. Jenkins, M. Crosby, Jerome Harrison. I had the first pick in a standard scoring, 14-team league. 1 QB, 2 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 TE, 1 W/R, 1 DEF/ST, 1 K.

Really liked the first three rounds, but I crapped the bed a little in the middle. But I’m a little excited about Jerome Harrison. 6.8 YPC the last 2 years, and Jamal Lewis is bound to break down soon.

Jeremy: I’m still trying to figure out how the other 13 teams in your league let Peyton Manning slip to the 28th pick.

Jeremy: Jimmy, I don’t know about you, but I was kind of dreading this game. The Miami-FSU games that the ACC has scheduled on Labor Day haven’t exactly been classics. But so far, this has had the feel of a midseason game, with both teams looking sharp.

Jimmy: Likewise. It doesn’t exactly look like 2000 all over again out there, but both teams look competent. That’s enough.

Both teams are rushing the passer pretty well, and both quarterbacks are handling the pressure. Not sure both circumstances can continue for the full game.

Jeremy: Great way to start the second half: an unnecessary roughness penalty on Miami’s kicker.

Jimmy: Christian Ponder is the truth! Redemption! Not so much for FSU’s kicker. Yikes.

Jimmy: My girlfriend, on the Troy Polamalu Head & Shoulders commercial: “Look at his hair! It’s beautiful! That’s Cher hair!”

Jeremy: So much for having a Miami-FSU game without kicking becoming an issue. He’d better hit another 50-yarder to make up for that missed extra point.

Jeremy: Midway through the third quarter, and Harris has made his first major mistake. That looked pretty similar to the INT that Ponder threw at the end of the first half.

Jeremy: Great run by Taiwan Easterling after a short pass from Ponder to make it 23-14. Miami’s Graig Cooper just answered with a huge kickoff return.

Jeremy: I get the feeling both teams are going to spend a lot of time on kickoff coverage in practice this week.

Jimmy: Kenny Chesney looks a bit like John Edwards’ younger brother who never got out of the mill village.

Jeremy: That’s looking like a well-timed strip of Ponder by Miami DL Marcus Robinson toward the end of the third quarter. If the Canes score here, that could be a 14-point swing given the way FSU was moving the ball.

Jimmy: It was a nice play by Robinson, but Ponder has to see/feel the rush when it’s coming at his face. That wasn’t even a blindside strip.

Jeremy: Miami just took a 24-23 lead on a QB sneak by Harris and the extra point. That missed XP by Hopkins is starting to look a lot bigger.

Jeremy: Another huge momentum swing. After FSU’s Greg Reid hit Harris as he was throwing, Markus White picked it off and returned it for a touchdown. Dustin Hopkins has to be relieved that his teammates just erased his missed extra point by making the two-point conversion. 31-24 FSU with 11:45 to go.

Jimmy: It’s probably not relevant now, but Miami’s top 2 backup QBs left school a few weeks ago. An injury to Harris would be a disaster for The U.

Jeremy: With the way Harris is playing on this drive, Randy Shannon has to be happy that he didn’t have to give A.J. Highsmith his first college action.

Jeremy: Good throw by Harris and an even better catch by a wide-open Cooper to tie the game with 7:14 left. This is shaping up to be another good finish in the rivalry.

Jimmy: Hopkins (seemingly) completes his redemption for the missed extra point.

Can we retire “Wide Right” now, please? It’s been six years since our last go-round with a game-deciding missed kick in this series. Let it go, announcers.

Jeremy: Maybe Hopkins should kick all his extra points from 45+ yards.

Jeremy: I understand Miami has had some long returns tonight, but why did FSU just give them the ball at the 40 on a short kickoff?

Jeremy: Harris put that deep pass to Travis Benjamin in a perfect spot over two FSU defenders. First and goal Miami at the 3 with 1:56 left.

Jeremy: Miami has just gone up 38-34 on Cooper’s 3-yard TD run, which means we won’t be looking at a “Wide Right” situation at the end.

Jeremy: And now Miami squibs one, giving Florida State the ball at midfield with 1:48 to go. Again, I know there have been some good returns tonight, but the short kickoffs aren’t making much sense to me.

Jeremy: Ponder just broke a 32-yard run on 3rd and 2 to get the ball down to the Miami 10.

Jeremy: Huge pass interference call on Miami in the end zone. Florida State still only has 14 seconds left, but the ball is on the 2.

Jeremy: Ballgame! Jarmon Fortson couldn’t quite hang on to Ponder’s pass in the end zone on the last play of the game. Big win for Miami to open the season.

Jeremy: That was a great way to end an otherwise ugly opening weekend for ACC football. I started tonight ready to rant about the conference giving away its marquee rivalry game on the first weekend of the season, but this was a worthy entry in the history of the series.

5 Responses to Live Blogging: Miami at Florida State

  1. Martin says:

    Jimmy, dead wrong like Biggie Smalls re: conference player of the year. Jonathan Dwyer ftw (again).

    • Jeremy Ashton says:

      I was wondering what happened to Dwyer, too.

      • Jimmy Ryals says:

        I’m a bit down on Georgia Tech across the board. I think the league catches up to Johnson’s schemes this year, and I don’t think the writers will vote for Dwyer (a.) a second consecutive time and (b.) on a lesser GT team.

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